What to Get Rid of Woodworm

Many people think that a woodworm is a worm. This is pretty far from the truth. These little pests are actually insects that bore themselves into wood, causing a lot of damage. A woodworm can cause damage to furniture, the building structure and even wood flooring. As anyone can believe, these are insects that you don't want in your home.

So, whether you have them in your home or maybe you want to prevent them from crawling in, here are some tips you may want to use to get rid of them for good:

Getting In

99 percent of the time, you won't actually see the insect. Due to their smaller size, you will more than likely spot the damage that they have caused. This damage can include tiny holes and dust trails. Inside of these holes are the larger beetles. Throughout the summer months, this is when they will emerge from their wood habitat.

Living Atmosphere

Most woodworms love to live in damp wood or plywood. This wood is often found in older homes. It can also be found on furniture that has some sort of water damage. No matter what type of wood that gets wet, it's very important that you try your best to fix it as soon as possible. Failing to fix it will only lead to a ton of problems down the road.

The Damage Done

Woodworms don't move that fast. Instead, they move at a slower pace. This doesn't mean that they can't do damage, though. If you feel that the home you're living in or buying in the future had woodworms in the past, it's best to have a specialist come out to look at the problem.

The Treatments

There are many treatments on the market that can help get rid of woodworm. Before you start to kill them, there are a few things that you will want to ask yourself. For starters, you will want to know what exactly what you want to treat. Is it flooring? Materials such as a roof? Is it electrical? Each solution can work for different areas.

Floors - For flooring, the best way to get rid of these woodworms is by purchasing a woodworm based fluid. Treat the floor with this fluid, and let it dry for at least four weeks. It's best to leave this room alone for that period.

Roof - Another common place such as a roof can be treated with sprays and fluids, too. With caution, remove all the damage on the roof. Once this damage has been removed, spray the liquid spray or fluid around the area. Allow this to sit for a few weeks.

In extreme circumstances, the wood may have to be replaced. While it doesn't hurt to spray ahead of time, it may not work most of the time. Remember that prevention is key. By keeping your wood dry throughout your home, you shouldn't have a problem with these insects.